Monday, March 26, 2012


I haven't posted anything in a terribly long time. Life has been interesting lately. It has been sad at times, crazy at times, good news, bad news....but there has been food. So that is good!

We usually set up our meals ahead of time (on a good week, on a bad week...we wing it) and it always end up to be quite multicultural. We can have Mexican one night, Thai another, or even GREEK (my favorite). So one night we did just that...we had GREEK!! So I'd thought I'd share an amazing recipe for pitas, one that I used that night. I've tried pitas in the past, and while they were good...they weren't fantastic. I think the last pita recipe I used was wheat based, and since I live with a Chef who isn't exactly wheat friendly...I used good old unbleached, unbromated, white wheat. We at them with a lemon roasted chicken, potatoes, hummus, and a Greek salad. A Greek Feast, as we call it! Here is the recipe (I love everything that comes out of this website!!!)....
(This is lunch, the day after the Greek Feast. The girls and I had turkey & cheese pitas. Made in like 30 seconds, and quite yummy)

If you are having a Greek Feast in your near future, I suggest it!!!