Friday, October 28, 2011

Baked Oatmeal

There are those mornings when you need a "big warm hug", in the form of a comforting breakfast and for me, today was such a day. I have tried baked oatmeal before and didn't have much success, but was excited to find a simple recipe that was quite lovely. Everyone was fed & happy! The oatmeal was quite delicious!!!

I snapped a pic of my breakfasts. My baked oatmeal with cherries, homemade bread with butter & honey, and coffee. The girls giggled to one another and said "She's taking pictures of her breakfast" (accompanied with a "hee hee hee")  They think I am insane :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Things I'm in love with...

We are reading this book as part of our literature lessons and we love the stories so very much  (I probably love them the most, the old English, the witty stories, the lessons you learn...oh I do heart them)
and we love this one as well...
Having a delightful time over here ;)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Apple Pie

We recently picked a WHOLE LOT OF APPLES!!! I made a pie with some of them that came out really delicious. I usually like to use this recipe that has almond flour in it, suggested by a dear sister (who is a fabulous cook/baker), but I was out of almond flour. I instead found this recipe, and used organic butter and organic vegetable shortening...while it came out nicely I think I will stick with all butter in the future. To be honest, I did eat the majority of the pie, as I have discovered my girls are not really pie people and my husband is never home. Mind you, I always ate one slice at a time (in a single day), I promise. Who says you can't drown your sorrows in pie?!?! Who says? Just Kidding, but really....I do love pie.
Lots, and Lots of love,

Saturday, October 15, 2011


I bought the cutest kid knitting needles for Hazel. Not sure if she has the coordination to fully knit quite yet but we are working on it together. I cast on for her, of course, but she seems to be catching on. With her personality, she wants to finish it right away so explaining to her that knitting takes time has been interesting.   We are working on a Barbie blanket!! A friend at work said that she would knit Barbie blankets for her girls, and I thought with it being Fall and all, they might appreciate some warmth. :) I figure a few minutes now and then won't burn her out, and I'm mostly holding the needles and having her loop them through. It is kind of stressful on my part, not gonna lie, but it is teaching me patience!!!
Lots of love,
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

An artist in the making.

We recently visited an art museum. An unconventional little field trip on a Sunday. Yes, a Sunday!!! One of our favorite little art museums has a deal where admission is free from 9-12 pm on Sunday! So we went to an early service at church and visited the museum after. I was alone with the three kids, so I was so apprehensive, however all was well! We had fun admiring art and even going on a little nature walk!!! During our visit, we made our way through the still life/portrait section. I explained what that term meant, and Hazel listened intently. You see, Hazel Rei loves art!!! She loves art of all types, coloring, painting, drawing, etc!!!! She was completely in her element, and loved every minute! So later that day, I noticed that Hazel had done this...
We talked about it, and Hazel explained how she had done "portraits" of her two favorite dolls!!! How amazingly cute is this????????????  <3


Goat Cheese I love you!


This was the day that goat cheese completely rocked my existence. I've always know that I liked goat cheese, who doesn't???? It is wonderful, creamy, and delicious. But this recipe solidified why! I mean they were amazing. Please try them. You will not be disappointed. We served them with our soup for dinner, and we all loved them!!!
Monica (aka bread freak)