Sunday, October 18, 2009

Soupy Sunday

I like simple recipes. Often times I peruse the Internet for recipes and get turned off at the 97 ingredients and "chefy" lingo. I am not a cook, do not profess to be a cook, or even want to label myself as a cook or baker. I do however like to eat. Another thing is, I LOVE soup.

We purchased some leeks from our neighborhood farmers market. Beautifully green & lovely leeks, perfect for potato leek soup. I found a simple recipe online and attempted it. The recipe was concise, with pictures, and even someone like me could easily understand it. I think my soup came out a little chunkier than the one on the website but it was really very delicious. I toasted some french bread, perfect for dipping, and enjoyed my warm, hearty soup on a rainy chilly day.

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  1. i like simple recipes, too. soup is glorious. i like potato-leek, but also i like leeks in a clear broth, too. i post simple soup recipes here: