Sunday, January 31, 2010

Holly Homemade

I looked at myself next to the woman beside me at church. She had her designer purse, it was beautiful. I had my handmade tote. She had a designer coat, it was lovely. I had my handmade scarf. So yeah, sometimes I feel a little holly homemade...but the truth is that I love making things, and as I get better at it, my look will improve.  Another truth: I am a funky hippie at heart <3

Our local library had a really great knitting book. The images were lovely, I long to be good enough to recreate such lovely pieces....maybe someday.  Now it was just good to have some coffee and look at a book of beautiful things.

Here are a few of my favs...

This bag is made with heavy kitchen twine that you knit with...interesting!


  1. to me this is true beauty- very natural, simple and organic.
    i like your style monica. you are beautiful and make such lovely things.

  2. Wow you really impress me! Making your own clothes, bread, and tortillas! Oh, and raising two wonderful girls and taking care of a husband. How do you do it all! Inspiration.