Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oats, Oats. Oats!

(No those aren't hockey pucks, they are my attempt at a "healthier cookie")

I mentioned to my chef husband that I wanted to make a healthy oatmeal cookie...and he of course rolled his eyes and said "cookies shouldn't be healthy". Since I am needing to lose about a zillion lbs, and occasionally have a sweet tooth I knew I needed something that would help my situation and that I could give the kids without feeling too bad.  I found this recipe online and decided to give it a shot. I added golden raisins, dates, and almonds to my version of this recipe...and I split up the honey ratio in half with applesauce. I agree with the Chef, this isn't quite a cookie, although it is mostly healthy. If you want a decadent, buttery cookie, well this is not it. Well what is it then? I agree with the recipe description it is almost a supplement. It has healthy oats and nuts in it! I know Joe will not come close to ever putting one of my cookies in his mouth...but the outcome with the girls is:

Hazel-Loved them!
Jade-Ate half of her cookie!
Mom-Loved them!



  1. YAY! These sound amazing! Sometimes I make cookies with all kinds of good things in them and serve them for BREAKFAST! My kids think they are getting a treat, and I know the truth-- they are healthy! :-)