Saturday, September 24, 2011

It starts with bacon.

(Sorry, my photos are not always the best. Hooray for bad lighting, but they were delicious. I promise )

So, my five year old daughter seriously loves bacon. Like a lot! She always wants it and suggested that we have BACON for dinner one day a couple of weeks ago. I don't mind bacon (in moderation and I usually don't eat funny), I prefer the uncured and more natural types, and I had some so I thought I'd incorporate it into our evening meal. We also had corn in our fridge, sweet-lovely-local-fresh corn so my first thoughts were revolving more along the corn chowder type recipes. I stumbled across a recipe for corn pancakes on my most fav food blog. So I thought I would go with that, and make it like a savory, evening, type breakfast thing.  So I made home fries, like of the roasted variety with onions,  and green peppers, and then cooked the bacon....the main ingredient of course. These pancakes were so delicious! I urge you to try them...please!! They are the ultimate comfort food, slathered with fresh organic butter and maple syrup.  



  1. just ran across your site by accident and enjoyed reading your posts and lovely pics. i have two daughters so i relate. ^^

  2. Thanks Olivia!!! Two girls are so much fun!!!! <3