Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Library Book

Hazel & Jade are a part of a reading program at our local library. This week we checked out a very cool book that I would like to share. It is called 10 things I can do to help my world, by Melanie Walsh. This book was so cute, and provided realistic ideas to help kids become more conscious about the environment and what they can do to help. Probably the best tip in the book (which we practice) is coloring on both sides of the paper, and the cutest tip being to help feed the birds in the winter. I loved this book, so much so that I decided to write a blog about it.

Check it out for yourself :)

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  1. i will and i am so excited! it is nice to go to the library and know what you want. otherwise i get lost.
    so cute monica!
    i can't wait to see you my friend:D