Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Guess what Joanne.....

This little insignificant blog began as a way to show things I like to my dearest friend Joanne. Since we live so very far away (many, many states away) it's hard to show your friend cute things you've seen or cool things we did, so I began this blog. You see, I've known Joanne more than 1/2 of my life and have more in common with her than nearly any other human being...wheatgrass, tea, boots, knitting, and the list can go on and on. She is fabulous and I love her!

So Joanne, you know my obsession has been these...
mostly because you first told me about Frye boots and I finally own my first pair NOW (thanks to momma for bday $, and a little of my own).  Well, today I was drowning my sorrows at the Rack (because it has been that kind of week so far and it's only Tues), when I saw this little denim jacket I got all "country" and needed it.  It was 60% off and came out to $9. Sure I'm nearing my 3rd trimester of pregnancy but it fits above my belly quite nicely.

OH, and I'm addicted to buying jeggings so I of course picked up another pair :) And that is how dear friends communicate about important, very important things from thousands of miles away!

Love you,


  1. DUDE. Where are the pictures of you modeling the ensemble? :) I want to see how pregnant you are!!! :)

  2. i ♥ your boots. i ♥ your jacket. i ♥ your blog.
    more than anything i ♥ you my dear friend.

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