Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hooray for cheap furniture!

Sometimes I wish I had designer furniture. You know the kind that you pick from a catalog or well lit and cozy showroom but alas we obtain most of our furniture from yard sales or even discards on the side of the road. I believe this table and four chairs cost us a total of $20. There is a beauty in it! In it can be refinishing to make something all yours. Such is the case with our dining room table. This is the second time I replaced the chair covers...the first time I replaced the padding as well. This time I opted for a creamy vinyl type fabric with tiny amber colored dots on it. It is quite fun to change the look of your dining room and it is so easy. All one needs is:

1) Fabric of your choice.
2) Padding for a comfy place to enjoy your dinner.
3) A cordless screwdriver. For removing the seat and putting it back on.
4) Staple gun & staples (my favorite!).

I'm sure this will not be the last time I will replace the fabric, but at least this time they should be easier to clean!
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  1. Love it!!! It is always nice to get great treasures!!!

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