Monday, November 30, 2009

My beloved pumpkin

We purchased the most lovely pumpkin from our favorite farm, and I placed her right next to my most favorite windows in the house, and she sat there basking in the sun for over a month. I would look at her as I had my coffee and admire how cute she was. I loved her so much I didn't even dare carve her for Halloween. Well yesterday I was packing up our fall decorations, and knew it was time to put her away too. Rather than just throw her in the trash...I decided to use her to make delicious pumpkin bread. I used the same recipe as my other pumpkin bread only I used butter rather than olive oil, whole wheat flour, raw sugar, and chopped almonds. I also used mini loaf pans to bake them. To be honest, I actually prefer using the butter, and love any chance to use whole wheat flour!!!

1 comment:

  1. your pumpkin bread looks amazing! i want some right now:)